Our senses are limited. Each of them perceives a fragment of reality. These fragments are reassembled by our mind to build our own world, which we have the illusion that it is outside of us, same for all and complete.

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Below and beyond our sensorial perceptions, other realities are operating. Some of them have been revealed thanks to the technologies that enhance our senses, others are suspected, others still remain inaccessible.

From the activity of a cell to that of a star, due to gravity or photosynthesis, through the infinite complexity of neural networks up to the experience of spirituality, in each of these directions, the horizon quickly becomes a mystery.

Philoxerax artistic work, started 30 years ago, evokes these mysteries and the necessity of their continuous presence, here and now, for our existences to be possible.

Using fractals, he assembles them, superimposes them, interweaves them to obtain new compositions, images never seen before, which try to capture these abstract energies, these compositions of forces that oppose and balance each other.

More globally, this approach is part of a will to emphasize how all the life around us is incredibly sophisticated, beautiful and precious.


In this animated fractal, strong lines of force intersect at different scales. The composition evokes a tangle of roots in the heart of a forest, reminding us of the secret network through which trees communicate chemically to maintain the subtle balance of their ecosystem. The fractal is synchronized with Glen Gould’s wonderful 1956 performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variations.


Portrait Philoxerax 03F
Portrait Philoxerax 03C

Philippe Chevalier (whose artist name is Philoxerax) is a French digital artist. He does not have a classic career as an artist even though he has the background. He started painting in 1990, when he graduated from the prestigious Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, France. (EnsAD).

As early as 1993, Philippe had a growing interest in using computers as creative tools. Back then, computers that could display 256 colors cost a fortune, so Philippe worked nights at Apple France and used their hardware to create his first digital works.

Philippe’s passion of computers continued to grow and in 1998, he learned to program as an autodidact. He will then become a developer. For twenty years, he created video games, websites and online applications.

Today, Philippe returns to where he left off 20 years ago. Combining his skills as a programmer and an artist, it’s 100% through digital that he resumes his work. He has given up brushes, pencils, pastels, but also the shapes and lights captured by a camera or an artistic gesture. The materials for his new works are mathematical formulas and dimensionless geometric objects called fractals.

His career as an artist and developer helps him today to approach with coherence and ambition a new art research using digital and virtual reality technologies.



Using fractals, this 100% digital material, Philippe creates images that have no size. Despite their complexity and the richness of their colored textures, the compositions can be recalculated and printed at any scale (always in 300 dpi resolution) without alteration.

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